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Tribute to China Aerospace Day

Date: 2022-4-22   Click: 2005 times

In order to commemorate the achievements of China's aerospace industry, the State Council approved the establishment of "China Aerospace Day" on April 24 every year


On April 24, 1970, China launched the first independently developed artificial earth satellite. Since then, China's aviation industry has grown vigorously and become the third country with manned space technology; On October 15, 2003, the Shenzhou V spacecraft entered space, successfully realizing China's first manned space flight and realizing the Chinese nation's millennium dream of flying.



Explore the vast universe, develop the aerospace industry, build a powerful aerospace country, and gather the powerful force to realize the Chinese dream of aerospace. "Two bombs and one satellite", manned space flight, "Chang'e" landing on the moon, Beidou networking, "Tiangong" Range Rover... The exploration and development of China's space flight for more than 60 years has made remarkable achievements.
The exploration process of outer space is difficult, and the required knowledge, technology and materials need to match it.
In the history of aerospace, there are many failures and accidents caused by electrical insulation and cable insulation materials. With the continuous deepening of human understanding of the harshness of the space environment, higher reliability requirements are put forward for the space cabling system.
Until the emergence of fluoroplastics and its application in aerospace cabling systems, fluoroplastics still played a very important role in aerospace cables. Aerospace cables have more stringent requirements than general ground cables, for example, the resistance of cable insulation materials to harsh environment and its mechanical properties in all aspects should be considered.
Fluoroplastics have excellent electrical, mechanical and chemical properties, which can not only effectively resist the harsh use environment in aviation, but also ensure the information transmission of spacecraft.


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