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[Good news] Lichang Technology, selected as the national ji third batch of specialized special "little giant" enterprises!

Date: 2021-10-16   Click: 1748 times


Lichang Technology (Ganzhou) Co., Ltd. successfully listed in the national ji third batch of specialized special new "little giant" enterprise list! This honor is reviewed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the comprehensive selection of focusing on market segments, strong innovation ability, high market share, master key core technology, quality and efficiency of the "vanguard" enterprises.


"Little Giant" is specially set up by the state to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to realize the development of professional operation, refined output, distinctive technology and novel products. It aims to guide small and medium-sized enterprises to focus on the main business, practice internal skills and strengthen innovation in the direction of specialized, refined and innovative, and build enterprises into "singles champions" or "supporting experts" who master unique skills. We will foster a group of "vanguard" enterprises focusing on market segments, with strong innovation ability, high market share, key core technologies, and excellent quality and efficiency. This will help the real economy, especially the manufacturing industry, become stronger and better, and enhance the stability and competitiveness of the industrial chain and supply chain.


The selection, marking Licchang technology in ye technology advanced nature, scale of business expansion, development quality excellence and other aspects of the national recognition, the company's overall business development has a positive significance. Licheng Technology for many years specialized in all kinds of fluoropolymer (FEP, PFA, ETFE, PVDF), polyether ether ketone and new powder coating research, development, production and management. Adhere to independent innovation and has more than 30 independent intellectual property rights. It has successively obtained honorary qualifications such as "High-tech Enterprise", "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center", "Mayor Quality Award", "Specialized, Refined and New", and served as two provincial "Key New product" scientific research projects, and undertook the construction of Ganzhou Fluorine-containing New Materials Engineering Technology Research Center.


This time, we won the award of "Little Giant". Lichang Technology continues to forge ahead and make new achievements!


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