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[Exhibition review] Lixing Bang appeared at the 28th Aluminum Door, Window and Curtain Wall New Products Expo

Date: 2022-3-12   Click: 3653 times

[Notice of suspension]

The 28th edition of the WINDOOR Curtain Wall exhibition has also been suspended due to the outbreak. Customers who are going to the exhibition, please do not go there, and take preventive measures.

Although the exhibition has pressed the pause button due to the impact of the epidemic, visitors who could not make it to the exhibition can learn more through the exhibition review.


[Exhibition Review]

On March 11, the 28th Aluminum Door, Window and Curtain Wall New Products Expo opened in Guangzhou Pazhou Poly Pavilion. Ganzhou Lixingbang New Material Co., LTD. (Lichang), as an old partner of aluminum door, window and curtain wall exhibition, once again appeared at the exhibition site!



With the development of Chinese coating industry towards environment-friendly direction, the use of new fluorocarbon powder coatings with high performance and high added value has become the mainstream choice of new construction projects. In this exhibition, Lichang 70% solid fluorocarbon powder coating as the main product, attracting many visitors to come to understand and consult.



Lichang high-performance 70% solid fluorocarbon powder coating, as an upgrade product of fluorocarbon coating, broke the technical bottleneck of 70% fluorine resin content before the domestic, reached the American AAMA2605 standard, and improved the technical performance index in an all-round way. The surface hardness of the product reaches 2H-4H and the thickness of the paint film reaches 40um-80um. The adhesion of the coating can pass the highest adhesion test standard of aluminum profile, including "drawing 100 after 1 hour of high pressure boiling", [1 meter impact resistance test] [positive recoil] [butenone hundred wipe] and other physical and chemical tests. Excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, self-cleaning, outdoor weather resistance of construction engineering up to 25 years! Just use electrostatic spraying technology, a coating a baking, utilization rate up to 95%! There is no waste gas, waste water and slag in the process of production and processing, which can be called the real environment-friendly coating.


As an exhibitor, Lichang is looking forward to promoting Lichang high-performance 70% solid fluorocarbon powder coating environmentally friendly coating on the stage of this expo, helping customers integrate into the global green and low-carbon revolution industry chain and step into the road of high-quality development.


Lixing Bang will continue to take "green, healthy and environmental protection" as the concept of product upgrading, take green development as the mission, actively respond to the national environmental protection strategy, help the development of aluminum building materials industry, and create a better future for the new material industry.


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