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[Exhibition Preview] We sincerely invite you to visit the 28th Aluminum Door, Window and Curtain Wall New Products Expo

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The 28th WINDOOR Aluminum Curtain Wall Expo will be held in Guangzhou on March 11-13, 2022. Lixing Bang New Materials (Lichang) sincerely invites you to visit, looking forward to your presence! Poly Pavilion 4 Booth No. 4A33



Lichang 70%PVDF solid fluorocarbon coating

[Carbon neutral era], the future of fluorocarbon coating industry has come




Eight advantages


1. 70%PVDF fluorine resin, 25 years outdoor does not fade;

2. excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance and self-cleaning;

3. electrostatic spraying, a coating a baking process is simple, reduce processing costs;

4. green environmental protection coating, no waste water, waste gas and slag, no special requirements for environmental protection;

5. fluorocarbon coating film thicker, protective effect doubled;

6. the hardness can reach 2H-4H, improve the wear resistance and scratch resistance of the paint film;

7. color difference control is more stable, reduce rework rate, improve efficiency;

8. wide applicability, suitable for a variety of substrate and profile products.


Fluorocarbon paint upgrade product -- Lichang PVDF solid fluorocarbon paint


Under the background of carbon neutrality, the paint industry reform is accelerating. Lichon 70%PVDF solid fluorocarbon coating meets the American standard AAMA2605 standard, GB T 5237.5, GB T 23443-2009 standard, fluorine resin more than 70%, while green environmental protection, Hardness, thickness, technical performance indicators compared to "fluorocarbon paint" doubled!

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