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Aluminum curtain wall -- a gorgeous coat for the building

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With the rapid development of Chinese economy, construction industry also enters the period of rapid development. Today, with high-rise buildings, more and more buildings show diversity and individuation. The appearance of curtain wall gives diversity to the architecture of the new era.


Curtain wall can be divided into many kinds, including glass curtain wall, wood-based panel curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall, etc. Now let's talk about the aluminum curtain wall. In recent years, aluminum curtain wall has advantages in the use of building curtain wall due to its characteristics of light weight and environmental protection. The installation is simple and accepted by the industry. It is the main force of new curtain wall decoration materials.


Aluminum curtain wall has great advantages in the field of construction, but there are also some difficulties. Aluminum curtain wall is exposed to sunlight for a long time in the outdoors, and weatherability has become one of the difficulties of aluminum curtain wall!


Lichang PVDF solid fluorocarbon powder coating can well solve the difficulty of weathering aluminum curtain wall. Lichang PVDF solid fluorocarbon coating is based on fluorine resin, with acrylic solid resin, pigment, auxiliary materials and other components, in strict accordance with the national standard requirements (resin fluorine resin PVDF accounted for 70%) to prepare solid fluorocarbon (PVDF) powder coating. Its main characteristics are that it has excellent adhesion and bonding ability with the substrate, which can protect the product materials, and has excellent outdoor weather resistance and corrosion resistance, so that the aluminum curtain wall can be used for more than 20 years.


At the same time, Lichang PVDF solid fluorocarbon powder coating has also developed some stone imitation dot series, to meet the personalized needs of aluminum curtain wall.

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